The Mighty Tiny Ant!

From the ability to lift items 50 times its size, to packing a painful bite, the mighty ant is nothing to mess with!




Ants are fascinating and diverse creatures. While there are over 12,000 ant species worldwide, there are eight common species of ants that impact homes and businesses in North Texas.


Check out our eight most common species in North Texas and some fun facts about each one.


  • Fire Ants- These are the most aggressive ants we have around here. And if you have lived many summers in Texas, you will have experienced their painful bite.
  • Carpenter Ants- These Wood Destroying Insects often cause significant damage and must be reported on real estate inspection reports in Texas.
  • Pharaoh Ants – These ants are very tiny and are the hardest to control.
  • Acrobat Ants – These ants are not gymnasts. They are often confused with carpenter ants.
  • Crazy Ants- These ants get the prize for the best name!
  • Rover Ants- These ants are a new species in our area. Like Pharaoh ants, they are tiny.
  • Argentine Ants – These smallish ants are often found on sidewalks and paving stones.
  • Little Black Ant- This type of ant is often found in kitchens.



Ants can be one of the trickier pests to rid from homes and businesses. While grocery stores are lined with products that claim to get to the job done, these “treatments” can often lead to bigger headaches! Some consumer products are only meant to repel the ants in a specific area, but have no effect on the activity of the colony. This means that they will just move on to find another place in your home or office to forage. Ant colonies have multiple queens to produce young. This means that improper use of pesticides can lead to colony separation into multiple new colonies, and new issues for you!


Kolibri Pest Services treats the ants in a way that affects the entire colony. The treatment uses the natural behavior of ants to achieve elimination of the whole colony. By placing bait in areas where ants forage, they will naturally carry it back to the queen.  Death to the queen means death of the colony.


Our technicians are able to quickly identify the species of ant and tailor a treatment plan based on the type of ant, location of the colony and other factors that play a crucial role in getting your home ant free as quickly as possible. If you are currently looking for a Honest, Effective and Reliable Pest Control Service we are here for you and look forward to having you become part of our Kolibri Family. Please feel free to contact us at 972-217-7151 or through our website! Keep an eye out for our next blog with helpful hints, tips and so much more!


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