Keep Out The Bugs- Keep Out The Spiders!

A favorite for Halloween decorations, a leading star in movies and books, the spider has a way of captivating an audience. But what is a spider? A spider is actually not considered an insect but an arachnid with an exoskeleton, segmented body, eight legs, fangs (chelicerae) and has the ability to produce silk that we see in the form of webs. There are roughly 40,000 known species of spiders worldwide. Known as a predator it feeds on insects, other spiders, invertebrates, and small animals, making the spider a helpful aid in controlling other unwanted pests.

Texas is home to 900 species of spiders with just two poisonous spiders native to the North Texas area- the Brown Recluse and Black Widow. The Brown Recluse typically hides during the day and is most active at night. It prefers to live around places that are warm and dry such as sheds, barns, and closets. Its bite causes death and decay of the tissue at the site of the bite. The Black Widow prefers dark undisturbed places such as cellars, portable toilets, and abandoned sheds. Only the female is dangerous to humans. A bite from a Black Widow can cause multiple serious issues and even could result in death if the victim does not receive medical attention immediately. Luckily, bites are uncommon and serious long-term complications or death are very rare.

While Hollywood portrays an array of monster-sized spiders, there are only a handful of spiders that are truly large and scary looking:Golden orb Spiders that make beautiful webs, rabid wolf spiders, and tarantulas. These spiders can bite, but while the bites may be painful, they are not toxic.

Spiders In Your Home?

An infestation of spiders can alert you to a broader problem of insects having easy access to your space; because they only live where they can find prey, they are an indicator that you also have insects in your home or business. Studies have shown that even homes that appear to be essentially clean can contain up to 600 species of insects.

How to Treat?

Spraying of insecticides is not a good way to combat spiders because it requires a direct application to each spider. One effective approach is regular use of a cobweb broom or other dusting tool to eliminate the webs and hunting ground, making your home uninviting to the spider. Good General Pest Service will greatly reduce the insect population in your home or business by regularly treating the perimeter of your home to kill insects before they gain access to your home and by monitoring the exterior of the house to be sure that all access points are well sealed; Keep out the bugs and you will keep out the spiders

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