Fall Tips with Kolibri

Fall is officially here friends! The cooler nights and mornings are a much welcome relief from the summer heat! While you are enjoying the cooler weather there are few tips, we want to share to make sure your home is protected this fall season!

  1. As the weather gets cooler certain pests like squirrels, rats, and mice, will start looking for a warm place to settle down in for the winter Make sure your home’s exterior is sealed up to prevent having your home become theirs! This includes checking eaves of the house, plumbing and electrical entry points, and ensuring your garage door has a good seal.

2. Clean your gutters regularly! Leaves falling and collecting in gutters can create the perfect home for unwanted bugs and other pests. By checking this area, you are able to ensure your gutters work properly and that you are not setting your home up for an unwanted infestation.

3. While some bugs do hibernate during the fall and winter months the troublesome and destructive termite will still be going strong. Ensure that firewood and wood scraps are not placed directly on the ground or touching your home or fencing.

4. Ants, like termites do not hibernate during the cooler months. Ensure your home is protected against them by sealing all windows and doors properly.

5. Want to make sure you are ready for fall? Contact Kolibri Pest Services today for an inspection of your home or business today!


If you are currently looking for an Honest, Effective and Reliable Pest Control Service, become part of our Kolibri Family!  Please feel free to contact us at 972-217-7151 or through our website! Keep an eye out for our next blog with helpful hints, tips and so much more!


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