Oh Rats!

Much to our relief the cooler weather of a Texas Fall is here! As the days grow cooler and shorter we have seen a drastic increase in rodent infestations for homes and businesses.

Rats are compact, typically weighing less than a pound. Their long tails help aid in being avid climbers, and with their sharp teeth they are able to chew through many types of materials. Rats are know to live and “work” communally. Often meaning if you have seen on rat near or in your home there are MORE!

The two main species of rat for the North Texas area is the Norway and Roof Rat.  While it is possible for rats to have upwards to 17 litters each year, the average Norway rat has around 6 litters and the typical roof rate has three to four litters per year.

In most instances, a rat just walks into a structure. Urban Rodentologist, Bobby Corrigan has said “a space that allows a number 2 pencil under the door is enough for a mouse”. This is true for any small rodent, including many rats. Often these spaces are created at joints or result from failed caulking. Soffits, roof vents and roof corners are common routes of entry.

Rats are very intelligent animals and are able to learn and adapt as their environments change. Making them a challenging pest to get rid of! Here are some great tips to help keep your home rodent free!

  1. Be sure that all doors including garages have adequate weather stripping to prevent rodent access.
  2. Fill in any holes around your home or business. This can include access points for plumbing/ electrical pipes, broken siding etc.
  3. Remove favorable nesting areas and materials form around your home. This includes: tall grass, building materials, firewood etc.
  4. Trim all trees and bushes to remove direct contact with your roof. This provides an easy runway for rats or other rodents to access your home.
  5. Call Kolibri Pest Control Services to ensure that your home is secure against rodent infestations.

At Kolibri Pest Services we are experts in rodent exclusion services. Our team provides comprehensive services from inspection to exclusion traps and beyond. Each custom plan receives a through inspection of the property, if needed an installation of exclusion devices. Sealing of any holes found during inspection, custom baiting and trapping program to prevent reinfestation and a professional reinspection of the property to watch for any sigs of activity to further handle.

If you are currently looking for an Honest, Effective and Reliable Pest Control Service, become part of our Kolibri Family! Please feel free to contact us at 972-217-7151 or through our website! Keep an eye out for our next blog with helpful hints, tips and so much more!






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