Unwanted Guests?

No one wants to share their attic space with a family of squirrels, have rats invade their kitchen, or have a family of skunks live under their bedroom. However, customers are often concerned about how we will go about removing these critters. One of the most common tools we used is an Exclusion Device. This is a no-kill option that will allow the animal to leave the home to look for food and water. But when it tries to return, it will be blocked by a “trap door”. 

Recently we were asked to address a situation where rats were accessing a family’s kitchen from the crawl space. We installed a small Exclusion Device. The next morning, the family found a lonely baby possum sitting on top of the device. He had been able to exit, but his mama was too large to fit through. So the little guy was separated from her. We were able to return to the home and place a larger device which allowed the adult animal to get out and rejoin her baby. 

It is not always possible or desirable to use a “no-kill” option. Some animals, such as rats and mice,  pose a risk of serious disease. But Exclusion Devices are always a good first step because they prevent sealing animals inside, where they can cause damage and could die in an inaccessible area causing unpleasant odor and attracting flies. Once time is allowed for the animals to exit, the house can be sealed up and a baiting and trapping program put in place.

If you find yourself with some extra roommates,  and are currently looking for an Honest, Effective and Reliable Pest Control Service, become part of our Kolibri Family! Please feel free to contact us at 972-217-7151 or through our website! Keep an eye out for our next blog with helpful hints, tips and so much more!


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